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Cell Shield Wi-Fi 5X

Cell Shield Wi-Fi 5X

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Cell Shield 5X is a innovative product that can protect its users against potentially harmful effect of electromagnetic waves. Its a composite of twenty different ceramics that have the propensity to absorb potentially harmful electric and magnetic waves. These ceramics are able to render them harmless by converting them into shorter far infra-red rays, which are useful bionic energy. Throughout this conversion process, the ceramics molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes in order to continuously reproduce this benefit. This in turn reduces the impact of electromagnetic waves and its adverse effect on it user’s health.

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Cell Shield 5Xis also attractively presented in the form of a one piece self-adhesive design. Once Cell Shield 5X has been attached, it instantly begins to provide its’ user with long lasting protection. On-going research and development are providing new and better understanding about the effects of electromagnetic waves on our health.

The Cell Shield 5X is 5 times the size of the Cell Shield and attaches to these devices:

5X Ceramic-oxide

Provide EMF protection for

  • In Car
  • In-OfficeIn Home
  • Computers, WIFI
  • Large TVs, Hoverboards
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Electric Cars
  • Not recommended for cell phones.

How to attach

  • Clean surface or case for the cell shield disc to adhere properly.
  • Remove safely tape from the bottom of the shield to expose the adhesive surface, then attach it to your device.

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