Where to attach the Cell Shield on various wireless devices?

Where to attach the Cell Shield

Cell Shield’s patented technology absorbs electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones and other cellular devices. Its technology works with all models of cell phones and wireless devices. Protect your family and children from harmful EMFs. We offer a wide variety of EMF protectors you can easily adhere to your cell phone, iPhone, tablet up to 7 inch, computer, laptop, and any eBook reader, microwave or any device emitting EMFs.

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Important: Read Before Application

The Cell Shield is a highly engineered and patented calcined “ceramic” similar to a cup, plate or other ceramic product. Be sure to see our “How it works” video on our website.

If the Cell Shield is dropped or is hit on a hard surface it may cause the disk to break or crack. Just like if you drop your phone on the glass face it’s possible it will shatter or crack it’s screen. The dropping of the Cell Shield disk when on the phone is very rare but accidents do happen. So dropping your phone may or may not cause the Cell Shield disk to crack causing the interruption of the neutralizing wave process.

Application Instructions

Peel off adhesive strip from the disk. Make sure to place the disk close to the top of the cell phone next to the antenna and/or camera on the back side of the cell phone. It can also be placed on top of your cell phone case in the same location or under your cell phone case. If you change phones, you can always reapply with any 3m type glue. Just slowly pry to lift the cell shield with a plastic credit card or any other non-scratch type surface.

As with any cell phone, using care and caution to avoid dropping your phone as a precautionary measure to avoid any damage to your Cell Shield or your device is advised. The good news is our product is all natural minerals and is waterproof.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Please follow the below instructions on where to attach the Cell Shield for maximum EMF radiation protection on your wireless devices.

Cellular Mobile Phones

Attach the Cell Shield on the back of the your mobile device on the right or left side of the camera.

Laptop, Desktop Computers and Tablets

Attach the Cell Shield on the backside of the screen of any laptop, desktop computer or tablet.



Attach the Cell Shield any place on top of the router.


Baby Monitors

Attach the Cell Shield to any baby monitor.


Smart Meter

Attach the Cell Shield to the smart meter any place.


Smart TVs

Attached the Cell Shield on the back side of the screen for any flat screen or smart TV.

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