Cell Shield Testimonials

About a year ago I bought and used your Cell Shield for my cell phone and found it to be effective and easy to use. This year I purchased your Scalar Energy Pendant at Atlanta Alive Expo, and I find this product to be even more useful. When wearing the pendant I experience a boost in the overall protection from EMF waves, and I also find that the pendant has a positive effect on the chi flow within my body. I have been practicing yoga, qigong, and Reiki for several years and the Pendant gives me a noticeable increase in the intensity of energy fields. My qigong movements are more focused, and there seems to be a wider energy mass surrounding my body. It feels as if I’m doing qigong with a moderate resistance, as if the air becomes a little thick and the movements become somewhat smoother. I also find that I can better focus on the different energy qualities of the elements, directions, yin and yang, and their inherent beneficial attributes.

Also, the Pendant appears to align things up nicely for overall balance and harmony. It is a versatile, beneficial, durable and attractive product that I will enjoy for many years. Thanks for making it available. - William E. (Atlanta, GA)

It wasn’t until recently that I purchased my own cell phone. I am extremely EMF sensitive and was unable to hold a cell phone while active, let alone hold it to my head and talk. My joints would get stiff and painful, my head would get heated and tingle like small electric jolts. Once I attached the Cell Shield to my phone I was instantly able to hold a conversation with my cell phone. The reactions I normally get with a cell phone call have just about vanished. Its great being able to say what I need to say and not feel the EMF from the phone. - Nick Kleinsmith

When I first bought the Cell Shield, I thought it may just be a gimmick, but after using it during the first week I noticed when I charged my phone or used it for a long call, it didn’t heat up as usual. So I researched EMF and holy cow, I freaked out that I didn’t hear about this before. Now I tell everyone I know what it does, to check it out and that they should get one.

I love it as not only does it absorb the EMF, but it serves as a reminder to me that just because I cant see the EMF doesn’t mean it isn’t there and not to put the phone to my head. Now I either use an earpiece or the speaker on the phone. A huge THANKS! - Jeanne Hickey




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