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Wearable Personal Air Purifier

Wearable Personal Air Purifier

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This is the finest wearable air purifier shown to emit  millions negative ions every second that attach to and help remove a variety of pathogens from the air.

In an independent laboratory study this air purifier reduced virus-like pathogens (commonly used as surrogates for the influenza virus) from 60% in 30 minutes to 90% in 180 minutes in a 3-cubic foot bioaerosol test chamber to duplicate one’s personal space.

Effectiveness in real world conditions can vary, especially depending on air circulation and movement of the user.

Ideal for wear while dining out, as well as, for ground and air travel, sized unit weighs just 2 oz. and hangs comfortably around the neck with an adjustable lanyard, helping to purify the air up to 3 feet from the device when used as indicated.

Negative ions attach to viruses, bacteria, and mold, moving them to positively charged surfaces such as a floor and away from the immediate area.

In addition to viruses and bacteria this silent unit also combats allergens such as tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust without costly filters.  The rechargeable battery lasts 24 hours after a hour and 1/2 charge via USB. Includes soft bag.

Overall Battery Life depends on usage and life of unit is 3-5 years again depending on total usage.

The wearable comes in 1 color Black and Silver.

Wearable for Both Kids and Adults.

Ideal for Ground and Air Travel.

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