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Wearable LED Light Therapy Silicone Facial Mask

Wearable LED Light Therapy Silicone Facial Mask

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The Wearable LED Light Therapy Silicone Facial Mask is a household wearable and rechargeable photon rejuvenation beauty device. The surface structure of this product is composed of medical silicone material, which is convenient and easy to use. It is foldable and portable, and it can be fixed with the adjustable nylon buckle according to different faces, suitable for different groups of people. It has 128 high-quality LEDs, divided into 64 groups, each containing 4 chips. Each group emits 4 different wavelengths (orange light 590nm, red light 30nm, near-infrared light 830nm and 850nm), and can be adjusted by the controller to emit 3 different energies and different lighting times. Based on the theory of phototherapy, the light wave irradiation of this product is more beneficial to penetrate into the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin to generate ells and achieve the effect of skin beauty.


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Before opening the packaging for use, be sure to fully charge the battery of the mask. The charging time is about 3 hours. The upper cover is equipped with an adjustable nylon buckle, allowing you to wear the mask comfortably. To install the mask, thread the strap through the entrance hole on the other side of the mask, wrap the strap around the head and firmly secure it.

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